After following the instructions on rinkeby for joining the network, I cannot seem to get more than a single peer that also wont get me up to date. Eventually my node kicks that peer off, and then I am isolated.

What is the issue, and how can I troubleshoot/diagnose it?

P.S: no issues syncing to main-net

Edit: After a while it randomly seems to have have managed to finish syncing, and I now have 3 peers. But my transactions dont reach the network. Geth states that it was submitted, but etherscan doesnt show anything. The stats show my pending transactions seem to reach the network, but nada ;-;

INFO [04-26|01:19:58] Submitted transaction fullhash=0x7ffefbc0a02732ea31e9fdbf57f4ad7248113dda2d591d713ecdcd1fc8831e25 recipient=0x55a717fe6247a81b9c1c051364564713f48eefb9

  • I am also facing similar kind of issue , but I am getting peer count as 4 ....have got any solution to it
    – Ajay
    May 13 '17 at 7:30

I have had more luck getting peers on geth by using the --v5disc cli param (Enables the experimental RLPx V5 (Topic Discovery) mechanism).

You should also be running geth 1.8.1+ as it seems there are quite a few changes to the discovery mechanism.

good luck

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