I have set up a safe multi-sig wallet for my protocol treasury and governance. We the multi-sig wallet to be the owner and deployer of the protocol factory smart contracts. Is that possible and how can you do that?

Follow-up question: we have added the option in the factory smart contract to add a protocol fee that can be set and activated by the owner, which in this case would be a safe wallet. Can the safe wallet interact with the smart contract methods and set and activate the fee? Key thing is that the safe wallet(multi-sig) would have several owners and would need several signatures to approve transactions.

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Yes, the safe wallet can interact with the smart contracts. For that, head over to safe wallet, and you'll see this new transaction button, clicking on that, you'll see this interface.

enter image description here

Click on transaction builder and Paste the contract address enter image description here

Scroll down and you'll see the methods to call, select whatever function you wanna call, pass the arguments, and click on add transaction. enter image description here

After that, you can create multiple transactions and execute all of them at once. You can also execute a single transaction

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    Thank you for explaining!
    – depro
    Commented Sep 29, 2023 at 11:25

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