I am using JsonRpcProvider in ethers V6. I am sending requests to node like getBlocknumber, getBalance ,sendTransaction etc through JsonRpcProvider. I want to set the response timeout for the requests I send to the node through the provider.

I have found and tried many methods but all of them failed. Doing it in ethers V5 and V6 is also fine. can you please advise me.

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There is timeout parameter in ConnectionInfo object. According to https://docs.ethers.org/v5/api/utils/web/#ConnectionInfo

Have You tried manipulating it?

const provider = new JsonRpcProvider(rpcUrl);

provider._getConnection().timeout = 600;

Since requests are then send using this _getConnection() response object. Default is 5 minutes.

  • I already tried this method: I set the timeout to 10 (milliseconds) and tested it by calling provider.getBlocknumber(). I expected to get a timeout error, but it worked fine. This method did not solve the problem
    – imelon2
    Sep 25 at 11:04
  • I try it again on ethers V5. Your method seems to work fine for timeout in V5, but not in V6..
    – imelon2
    Sep 25 at 12:41

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