i'm trying to swap using 1inch aggregator api and when i try to swap, it says

"Not enough allowance. Amount: 4600000000000000. Allowance: 0. Spender: 0x1111111254eeb25477b68fb85ed929f73a960582",

my question is.. there is an ERC20 method approval(address spender, uint256 value) and my question is...is this method must be send by eth_call or eth_sendRawTransaction? if i must send it by eth_sendRawTransaction do i pay gas to approve balance spend?

Please help

  • You have to pay gas to approve balance
    – minhhn2910
    Sep 24 at 6:54
  • ok thanks very much... so the tnx must be signed and send by raw transaction. Right? Sep 24 at 9:17


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