I am using wagmi-react hooks to write contract data. Everything works fine with the useContractWrite() but having this issue when using usePrepareContractWrite()

ABI encoding params/values length mismatch. Expected length (params): 2 Given length (values): 0

This is the abi I am using for ERC721 NFTs

import { erc721ABI } from "wagmi";
 export const ContractConfig = {
        address: '0x07a06AD39f940a505B306b294b29390e792C3869', 
        abi: erc721ABI

This is the usePrepareContractWrite

const { config } = usePrepareContractWrite({
        functionName: 'setApprovalForAll',

This is useContractWrite

const { data, write } = useContractWrite(config);

if (write) {
                args: [BatchTransferAddress, true],
                from: address


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