I would like to ask about blue checks in polygon scans. Is there any documentation that we need to submit to receive a blue check for our token registered with polygonscan?

On the polygonscan supporter homepage(https://support.polygonscan.com/support/solutions/articles/69000793859-the-blue-checkmark-✔), there are only evaluation criteria, but there is no information about what materials we need to submit

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There’s no method to get blue check on Polygon scan. If you’re token pass all the criteria required for your token then it might receive a bluecheck from polygon scan itself.

Requirements mentioned in docs:

  • The contract source code must be verified
  • The token project must represent a known & public interest project.
  • The token project must maintain a working website with active social profiles and communication channels.
  • The token project has operated for a period of time and achieved certain milestones
  • The token projects remains active and has ongoing on-chain activities
  • The token project is well known and often interacted.

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