Can someone show me how to correctly sign an ether's unsigned transaction hash using elliptic npm package. Below is my attempt (with some random private key) and transaction should ideally fail with "only minter". Any help is appreciated, getting pretty desperate.

import * as elliptic from "elliptic"
import { ethers, Contract, JsonRpcProvider, Transaction, Signature } from 'ethers';

const chainId = 13

const ec = new elliptic.ec("secp256k1")

const privateKey = "c395c9afc567105569ccdc2a858d4659bb66eb6ba1530c2d0c3e88c071c15cba"
const publicKey = ec.keyFromPrivate(privateKey).getPublic(false, "hex").slice(2)
const address = `0x` + ethers.keccak256(`0x`+publicKey).slice(-40)
const checksumedAddress = ethers.getAddress(address)

const abi = [{
  "inputs": [
      "internalType": "address",
      "name": "_target",
      "type": "address"
      "internalType": "uint256",
      "name": "amount",
      "type": "uint256"
  "name": "mintAmount",
  "outputs": [],
  "stateMutability": "nonpayable",
  "type": "function"

async function main() {
  const provider = new JsonRpcProvider("https://coston-api.flare.network/ext/C/rpc")
  const contract = new Contract('0xC06496FA0551bf4996fb5Df876cBcC6F1d836460', abi, provider)
  const action = 'mintAmount'
  const params = ["0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000", 10]
  const method = contract.getFunction(action)
  const baseTx = await method.populateTransaction(...params)
  const nonce = await provider.getTransactionCount(checksumedAddress)

  const unsignedTx = {
    nonce: nonce,
    chainId: chainId,
    gasLimit: ethers.toBeHex("10000000"),
    gasPrice: ethers.toBeHex("10000000"),

  // external transaction signature
  const tx = Transaction.from(unsignedTx)
  const _signature = ec.sign(
    Buffer.from(privateKey, 'hex'),
    { canonical: true }
  const signature = Signature.from({
    r: _signature.r.toString(),
    s: _signature.s.toString(),
    yParity: _signature.recoveryParam as 0 | 1
  const x = ethers.recoverAddress(tx.unsignedHash, signature)
  if (x !== checksumedAddress) throw new Error("invalid signature")

  // sign transaction
  const signedTx = Transaction.from({
    from: checksumedAddress,
    signature: signature

  // send transaction to node
  await provider.send('eth_sendRawTransaction', [signedTx.serialized])


but I can't get the recovered address to match (I know address is derived correctly from the signing private key). I also tried replacing tx.unsignedHash with const actualUnsignedHash = ethers.hashMessage(tx.unsignedHash) in case transaction expects a signed message but it also doesn't work.

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The reason was that ec.sign expected the unsigned hash to be a BN type. Because the type of inputs with prefixed 0x is just too vague.

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