I am trying to create a private key which is valid and can be used for production work.

What tool should I use to create a Valid Private key on my system using Terminal/CLI?

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I like to use cast to quickly interact with networks on the Terminal. I think you can refer to the cast docs on how to create a new private key pair.

For your specific case, I think cast wallet new will do the job. Please refer to the example output I've tested on my Terminal.

$ cast wallet new
Successfully created new keypair.
Address:     <wallet_address>
Private key: <corresponding_private_key>

Edit: Thought more about the question, and it seems like there are more interpretations to Private Key than just the one for a EOA. If you were intending to ask something about creating Public/Private Key Pairs to sign/verify things, there is also a Linux built-in command

$ ssh-keygen

which will do the job.

  • thanks ser. This worked for my tutorial.
    – Megabyte
    Sep 21, 2023 at 5:05

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