Lets say I had a Dapp that used a popular stablecoin whereby the stablecoin had a freeze function. Then say I wanted to detect if the stablecoin accounts were frozen and then circuit break the Dapp.

Assume the stablecoin did not have a native function for this trigger detection. Also assume that the stablecoin issuer never alerts people before it executes the freeze.

Would it be that by absolute neccesity the trigger could only be detected 1 block later? Or is it possible to detect it in the same block?

Consider for example Tether and USDC

Thank you

  • Maybe I misunderstand the question, but would it not just be a matter of transaction position in the block. i.e. if an account is frozen with a transaction in position 1, then that account now acting on that updated state attempting to transfer with a tx in pos 2, would fail, as would any other contract call involving a check on that state.
    – Maka
    Commented Sep 13, 2023 at 19:02


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