I want to understand, how can I automate sending NFTs from any thirdparty hosts for example, opensea or thirdweb directly to the user who clicks on the claim NFT button on my website? I do not want to use reactJS for it. Is it possible with ethers.js? Basically I do not want to sign transactions manually everytime before transferring or sending the NFT to the user on my site. I am new to all this. Any help would be appreciated. Also what would I need to write in solidity to do this (even a stepwise algorithm would be super helpful)?

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Take note of the following methods to achieve what is mentioned above:

  1. OpenSea API: Since it is mentioned to transfer NFTs from OpenSea, this is the most logical option. Now you can choose any language for this. Sharing the Python and JavaScript examples here. First you will need an HTTP client library for making the requests. a) JS- for JS you can use axios or the native fetch API too.

// Fetch NFT data (e.g., a specific collection's assets)

async function fetchNFTData(collectionSlug) { try { const response = await fetch(${apiUrl}/assets?order_direction=asc&offset=0&limit=50&collection=${collectionSlug},

      headers: {
        'X-API-KEY': apiKey,

    if (response.ok) {
      return await response.json();
    } else {
      console.error(`Failed to fetch NFT data. Status code: ${response.status}`);
      return null;

catch (error) {
    console.error('Error fetching NFT data:', error);
    return null;

b) Python: For python you can go for the requests library.

2.Batch transferring contracts:

  1. Multi-Signature wallets.

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