I am using ethers v6 and am trying to update the frontend files for the abi.json and a json file for the contract address. The contract address is being filled correctly but the abi.json file is not. Currently the abi file looks like this -


Here is the script that I am using to format the abi.json file-

import { useWeb3Contract } from "react-moralis"
import { abi, contractAddress } from "../constants"
import { useMoralis } from "react-moralis"
import { useEffect, useState } from "react"
import { ethers } from "ethers"
import { useNotification } from "web3uikit"

export default function LotteryEntrance() {
    const { chainId: chainIdHex, isWeb3Enabled } = useMoralis()
    const chainId = parseInt(chainIdHex)
    const raffleAddress = chainId in contractAddress ? contractAddress[chainId][0] : null
    const [entranceFee, setEntranceFee] = useState("0")
    const [numPlayers, setNumPlayers] = useState("0")
    const [recentWinner, setRecentWinner] = useState("0")

    const dispatch = useNotification()

    const { runContractFunction: enterRaffle } = useWeb3Contract({
        abi: abi,
        contractAddress: contractAddress,
        functionName: "enterRaffle",
        params: {},
        msgValue: entranceFee,

    const { runContractFunction: getEntraceFee } = useWeb3Contract({
        abi: abi,
        contractAddress: raffleAddress,
        functionName: "getEntraceFee",
        params: {},

    const { runContractFunction: getNumberOfPlayers } = useWeb3Contract({
        abi: abi,
        contractAddress: raffleAddress,
        functionName: "getNumberofPlayers",
        params: {},

    const { runContractFunction: getRecentWinner } = useWeb3Contract({
        abi: abi,
        contractAddress: raffleAddress,
        functionName: "getRecentWinner",
        params: {},

    async function updateUI() {
        const entranceFeeFromCall = (await getEntraceFee()).toString()
        const numPlayersFromCall = (await getNumberOfPlayers()).toString()
        const recentWinnerFromCall = await getRecentWinner()

    useEffect(() => {
        if (isWeb3Enabled) {
    }, [isWeb3Enabled])

    const handleSuccess = async function (tx) {
        await tx.wait(1)

    const handleNewNotification = function () {
            type: "info",
            message: "Transaction Complete",
            title: "Tx Notification",
            position: "topR",
            icon: "bell",

    return (
            Hi from lottery entrance!
            {raffleAddress ? (
                        onClick={async function () {
                            await enterRaffle({
                                onSuccess: handleSuccess,
                                onError: (error) => console.log(error),
                        Enter Raffle
                    Entrance Fee {ethers.utils.formatUnits(entranceFee, "ether")} ETH
                    Number Of Players: {numPlayers} 
                    Recent Winner: {recentWinner}
            ) : (
                <div>No Raffle Address Detected.</div>

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I believe this is the FreeCodeCamp tutorial. Well as of ethers v6 the utils class has been removed. So to convert and return the contract interface in JSON format, you use the formatJson() method of the interface, so change your code from:




Return the JSON-encoded ABI. This is the format Solidiy returns.


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