After creating multiple new accounts with the Parity wallet (v1.6.6), I notice they all have the address prefix 0x00 (the 0x part being the obvious hexadecimal prefix), for example 0x00A85d2d62E1851ad5702e31619B10c7E4308522. What is the reason behind this address scheme?

  • How many times did this happen? When you say "they all have" how many do you mean? Just curious. The address you provided is 20 bytes long, so it looks legit. (The '0x' is not part of the address as you suggest.) Apr 24, 2017 at 5:20

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This is to follow the proposed design of IBAN-compatible Ethereum addresses. (See also What is an ICAP address?)

Any random 160-bit Ethereum private key can be converted to any basic ICAP address. However, not all ICAP addresses are IBANs.

Only direct ICAP addresses follow the IBAN definition which includes the identifier, a checksum, and the account:


This, however, limits the length of the underlying private key to 154-bit and thus, the range of compatible Ethereum private keys is limited from 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to 0x03ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

Parity ensures future IBAN compatibility of your addresses by only using addresses from this range (actually only up to 0x00ff...f for the sake of simplicity). And that's why all addresses start with 0x00... in your Parity wallet.

Disclosure: I work for Parity.

Edit: By the way, the same is true for the cpp-ethereum client (eth).

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