Are all smart contracts deployed in the Ethereum network available on Etherscan.io ?

Because I read here https://info.etherscan.com/using-smart-contract-search-tool/ that 'All verified source code can be searched using our Smart Contract Search tool....'. So does this mean that if a smart contract is deployed but not verified by Etherscan, it will not be available on Etherscan ?

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All deployed contracts exist in Etherscan and are traceable, but contracts that have been verified also give you access to the code of that contract.


Etherscan can find any address. There are two types of addresses:

  • EOA
  • contract address

here is a biref explanation

The code of a contract is only available as bytecode until it is verified, which means that the creator of the contract provided the ABI and the code of the contract. Once the contract is verified on etherscan you can have access to the code and interact with the contract through etherscan api ( read and write).

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