I would like to send a transaction request to Safe Wallet from my CLI tool using Safe SDK. Is it possible to do so in a Node.js environment?

I found this: Programmatically sending a transaction request to Gnosis Safe wallet but it's outdated (packages changed and most likely the API). What's the proper approach now?

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new API URLs are:

ARBITRUM_ONE: "https://safe-transaction-arbitrum.safe.global",
AURORA_MAINNET: "https://safe-transaction-aurora.safe.global",
AVALANCHE_C_CHAIN: "https://safe-transaction-avalanche.safe.global",
BINANCE_SMART_CHAIN_MAINNET: "https://safe-transaction-bsc.safe.global",
ENERGY_WEB_CHAIN: "https://safe-transaction-ewc.safe.global",
GOERLI: "https://safe-transaction-goerli.safe.global",
MAINNET: "https://safe-transaction-mainnet.safe.global",
POLYGON: "https://safe-transaction-polygon.safe.global",
EVMOS: "https://gateway.safe.evmos.org",
OPTIMISM: "https://safe-transaction-optimism.safe.global",
ENERGY_WEB_VOLTA_TESTNET: "https://safe-transaction-volta.safe.global",
GNOSIS: "https://safe-transaction-gnosis-chain.safe.global",
FANTOM: "https://safe-txservice.fantom.network",
BOBA_NETWORK: "https://safe-transaction.mainnet.boba.network",

I think the rest should work

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