Need to deploy a Safe on Base mainnet that has the same address as an existing Safe on Eth mainnet.

Following the instructions provided by this Loom video and am clear on all the steps, but there's one part that I want to get explicitly clear on because it gets glossed over in the video...

...is it not possible to do this because of the fact that the Ethereum GnosisSafeProxyFactory 1.3.0 address is 0xa6B71E26C5e0845f74c812102Ca7114b6a896AB2 and the Base GnosisSafeProxyFactory 1.3.0 address is 0xC22834581EbC8527d974F8a1c97E1bEA4EF910BC?

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Based on the contract implementation (https://etherscan.io/address/0xa6B71E26C5e0845f74c812102Ca7114b6a896AB2#code), the address was generated through CREATE opcode, would be keccak256(rlp([address(this), this.nonce])) https://github.com/wolflo/evm-opcodes/blob/main/gas.md#a9-create-operations.

Since they don't have the same address, it's might not possible to have the same address.

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