I have this simple test in truffle:

it("should emit the correct Transfer event", async function() {
    await this.contractNFT.multiSafeMint(accounts[0], "CID/metadata.json", 3, {from: accounts[0]});
    const receipt = await this.contractNFT.multiSafeTransfer(accounts[1], [0, 1, 2], {from: accounts[0]});

    expectEvent(receipt, "MultiSafeTransfer", {
        from: accounts[0],
        to: accounts[1],
        tokenIds: [new BN(0), new BN(1), new BN(2)]

but when I run the test I get this error from the console:

expected event argument 'tokenIds' to have value 0,1,2 but got 0,1,2
+ expected - actual

I'm using BN from @openzeppelin/test-helpers, I also tried with BN from web3-utils.


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