import { useState } from "react";
import "./Display.css";
const Display = ({ contract, account }) => {
    const [data, setData] = useState("")
    const getdata = async () => {
        let dataArray;
        const OtherAddress = document.querySelector(".address").value;
        try {
            if (OtherAddress) {
              dataArray = await contract.display(OtherAddress);
            } else {
              dataArray = await contract.display(account);
          } catch (e) {
            alert("You don't have access");
        const isEmpty = Object.keys(dataArray).length === 0;

        if (!isEmpty) {
            const str = dataArray.toString();
            const str_array = str.split(",");
            const images = str_array.map((item, i) => {
                return (
                    <a href={item} key={i} target="_blank">
                        <img key={i} src={`https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/${item.substring(6)}`}
        else {
            alert("No Image to display");
    return (
            <div className="image-list">{data}</div>
            <input type="text" placeholder="Enter Address" className="address"></input>
            <button className="center button" onClick={getdata}>
                Get Data

export default Display;

error when try catch block ->

Cannot convert undefined or null to object and if i remove try catch block this is the error it shows ->

call revert exception [ See: https://links.ethers.org/v5-errors-CALL_EXCEPTION ] (method="display(address)", data="0x", errorArgs=null, errorName=null, errorSignature=null, reason=null, code=CALL_EXCEPTION, version=abi/5.7.0)

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From the error it sounds like its more related to display(address) but let us know if you need more assistance with the upload part! We have some React examples here as well as an Next.js Template you can spin up with npx create-pinata-app

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