I'm following along with a tutorial from the geth ethereum.org documentation. The tutorial is describing how to set up a private network of multiple geth nodes.

I have run the

bootnode -nodekey boot.key -addr :30305

it successfully returns, and I keep it running

Note: you're using cmd/bootnode, a developer tool.
We recommend using a regular node as bootstrap node for production deployments.
INFO [08-13|23:38:21.813] New local node record                    seq=1,691,941,101,812 id=c4699cfd1ff4c162 ip=<nil> udp=0 tcp=0

then I open another terminal and try

./geth --datadir node1 --port 30306 --bootnodes enode://148cc729f30b1bf36fcb538e77c6820d6c80f20378cfe5e21dc0e3349f102830bfd8e2319863741f63a3f720a47f176fa9f41723a78da8405eb61c86b75cff79@ --networkid 12345 --unlock 0x3f57d97b5197c0200ab4f6442201f1af9d1e8d10 --password node1/password.txt --authrpc.port 8551

it returns:

no matches found: enode://148cc729f30b1bf36fcb538e77c6820d6c80f20378cfe5e21dc0e3349f102830bfd8e2319863741f63a3f720a47f176fa9f41723a78da8405eb61c86b75cff79@

What is causing this error and how can I fix this?

  • Please include all relevant information and code inside your question body, this allows users to help you without having to click on external links. Thanks for understanding!
    – Rohan Nero
    Aug 13, 2023 at 18:04
  • 1
    thanks for your advice ! I have modified my question@RohanNero
    – jds250
    Aug 13, 2023 at 19:08

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I have found a solution. The enode link should be enclosed in double quotation marks, like this:

./geth --datadir node1 --port 30306 --bootnodes "enode://a22ad2ab569792093d608a77b788f702641f96b045d7d44ab739ebb0c27956cf16e4d6ffbdb27eb3b98a58ebdf3681733386c9205203544fd799fa64bc7c7cda@" --networkid 123454321 --unlock 0x802755E6151646Dab88E9d681349CA516CaAD9B5 --password node1/password.txt --authrpc.port 8551 --mine --miner.etherbase 0x802755E6151646Dab88E9d681349CA516CaAD9B5

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