I have been having some issues with the Ethereum Wallet and after days of on/off syncing I decided to use parity, which works like a charm so far. However, I would like to use the Mist browser to play with solidity and I don't want to have to download the chain for both mist and parity.

Is there anyway I could specify to the Ethereum Wallet where the chain is and point it at parity's chain?

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You have multiple options here.

  • You could use the Parity browser to play with Solidity. After running parity ui or opening a browser on you can navigate to the Contracts view, click Develop, and start coding, compiling and deploying solidity smart contracts.


  • If you insist on using Mist, you could simply attach it to Parity. To do this you have to run Parity with the extra flag --geth first and run Mist afterwards. Mist will detect Parity and use it as chain provider. However, it is a very unstable setup and I would not recommend it.

Disclosure, I work for Parity.

  • Heh, I could smell it, but your information is answering the question directly, so thank you! Why is using parity --geth with mist unstable? Isn't just pointing a different folders?
    – PhABC
    Apr 20, 2017 at 16:47

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