I've so far been using Geth (the Go client) as my client of choice. I'm now interested in using the Mix IDE, a requirement of which is that I use Eth (the C++ client) instead.

I've already synced the block data for the Geth client. Is it necessary that I also sync the same block data a second time, for the Eth client? If both clients use the same data structure to store the data, and they store it in the same place (~/.ethereum) then presumably they can just share (he says). Is this going to be the case?

(Follow-on question: Does Eth have an equivalent to Geth's --fast flag?)

  • Maybe ask the follow-on question separately; I don't recall, otherwise I'd answer it here in this comment. (By the way, nothing wrong with duplicates, just helps route to the same answer.) – eth Feb 21 '16 at 9:30
  • Agree with the duplication - thanks very much. Didn't spot it when I searched beforehand. I'll create another question for the follow-up. – Richard Horrocks Feb 21 '16 at 10:10