I am facing an issue while using the Sepolia Faucet provided by Alchemy through sepoliafaucet.com. Every time I try to access the faucet and complete the ReCAPTCHA, I encounter the error message,

"Your request did not complete the reCAPTCHA as expected, so we could not complete your request. Please refresh the page and try again."

The problem is that I have correctly completed the ReCAPTCHA multiple times, but the faucet still won't process my request.

Has anyone else encountered this issue while using the Sepolia Faucet? Is there a known solution or workaround to resolve this problem? I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance to successfully access the faucet and claim the tokens.


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I also get very often this issue, when it happen I switch from Firefox to Chrome and on Chrome it's easier to have a successfull capcha proposal. Do not ask me why !

Hope this help,

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