In terms of sending ETH from a contract, if only the boolean is needed and the data gets omitted, I always see two different versions.

Some people write it with a blank space (bool sent, ) and some without (bool sent,)

Does it actually matter whether you write it with a space or not? ... and if not, which is the recommended way?

function sendETH(address _address) external payable {
    (bool sent,) = payable(_address).call{value: msg.value}("");
    require(sent, "Failed");

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The style guide says that there should not be a whitespace before a closing parenthesis, but there is always a space after a comma, and I think the specific rule for the comma should take precedence over the general rule for parenthesis, so I would write (bool sent, ), it looks clearer and also the formatter in Remix does the same.

It doesn't matter anyway.

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