I am trying to test a contract using Hardhat and want to set the gas price to zero. This will make it easier to see if my functions are working correctly, in that I can easily calculate the correct answer to many digits absent gas costs, while adjusting for gas on each transaction is a major pain. I tried to set the gas price to zero in hardhat.config.js, but when I ran npx hardhat test it gave me the error

InvalidInputError: Transaction gasPrice (0) is too low for the next block, which has a baseFeePerGas of 875000000

Is there a way to set the gas price to zero in Hardhat? I am using hardhat 2.14.0.

  • Hardhat replicate how the real chain works and there is no way to send a tx with zero gas because that means you are not sending enough eth to do anything, you could try doing a static call instead
    – Julissa DC
    Jul 20, 2023 at 15:03

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If you just have gasPrice: 0 in the config file, it won't work, but I just discovered that if additionally, you set initialBaseFeePerGas: 0, it works.

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