Hardhat testing

1) stakeEther
       should transfer ether and update balances correctly:
     TypeError: receipt.gasUsed.mul is not a function
      at Context.<anonymous> (test\Test.js:53:37)
      at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
describe("stakeEther", function () {
  it("should transfer ether and update balances correctly", async function () {
    let contractBalance = await ethers.provider.getBalance(

    let signerBalance = await ethers.provider.getBalance(deployer.getAddress()); // Use 'address' property instead of 'getAddress()'
    const transferAmount = ethers.parseEther("2.0");

    const data = { value: transferAmount };
    const transaction = await stakingContract
      .stakeEther(30, data);

    const receipt = await transaction.wait();

    const gasUsed = receipt.gasUsed.mul(receipt.effectiveGasPrice);

    // test the change in deployer ether balance
    expect(await deployer.getBalance()).to.equal(

    // test the change in contract ether balance
      await ethers.provider.getBalance(stakingContract.getAddress())

I am trying to calculate the gas cost through transaction.wait().

I don't understand why this function is not working.

Hence I am using latest ethers and hardhat versions.

Please provide solutions.

  • You can try const gasUsed = BigNumber.from(receipt.gasUsed).mul(receipt.effectiveGasPrice);. See if the error changes at least
    – 0xSanson
    Commented Jul 20, 2023 at 20:53

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Things have changed in ethers v6 as compared to ethers v5.

In ethers version 5, we have to use these functions such as add() , mul(),div() etc , but in ethers version 6, javascript takes cares of all the things, you don't need to use these function inseted just use regulat + ,- ,* ,/

Replace the code where these functions have been used

//first change
const gasUsed = receipt.gasUsed * receipt.effectiveGasPrice ; 

//2nd change
    expect(await deployer.getBalance()).to.equal((

    // test the change in contract ether balance
      await ethers.provider.getBalance(stakingContract.getAddress())
    ).to.equal(contractBalance + transferAmount);


It came to me while debugging receipt that u should make following changes :

const gasUsed = receipt.gasUsed * receipt.gasPrice;

Since, receipt provides gasPrice instead of effectiveGasPrice. Also, gasPrice is of type BigInt.

read about BigInt :


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