I have an Avado i7. I have been running two gnosis validators nodes for over one year. Starting around June 12-14 I stopped receiving attestations rewards. I followed the guidance of the Avado community and nothing has changed. They recommended I contact you for assistance. Things I have done that have not helped: I updated all the appropriate avado packages. I restarted all the packages. I did a disc clean up. Rebooted the system. Turned the avado device on and off. I opened ports 9000 and 9006. Currently the gnosis execution client (nethermind) is running and healthy. Avado teku gnosis beacon chain is in sync. When I go to gnosischa.in it shows my two validators are not active (last attestation 20 days ago) and are offline. I would appreciate any suggestions and guidance. I am not very technical with this stuff. Thank you,Mike

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Same hardware and no attestations for months now. The status of my nodes is acive exiting. (Kinda stange cause I didn't exit anything)

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