I am looking into the 0x docs at the moment, and get a 404 error when attempting to view the RFQ order type structure in the cheat sheet section. Where can I find this order type's struct?


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Unsure why the documentation has a 404 for the page, it indeed does. At the time of writing, I believe this is the struct you're looking for

struct RfqOrder {
    IERC20Token makerToken;
    IERC20Token takerToken;
    uint128 makerAmount;
    uint128 takerAmount;
    address maker;
    address taker;
    address txOrigin;
    bytes32 pool;
    uint64 expiry;
    uint256 salt;

Source: https://github.com/0xProject/protocol/blob/fd68edb23957ddef3e462bf1718d2ea9c3ef93f1/contracts/zero-ex/contracts/src/features/libs/LibNativeOrder.sol#L53C1-L65C1

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