In my contract interaction with web3js I have a

.once("receipt", async (receipt) => {
                    console.log("receipt:", receipt);

I run this with a firebase function. The receipt shows stuff like the transactionhash, to, status, logbloom, blockhash etc. etc. However there is no eventsobject in there where i can check the return values my event is supposed to give:

event BetCompleted(uint256 indexed betId, address indexed winner, uint256 amount);

I've also read that the logs[0].topics is related to the events which looks to contain 3 adresses in my receipt.

Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong / how to read the event through the receipt?


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You should have a receipt.logs array. If it's empty it means no event was emitted.

If BetCompleted was emitted than receipt.logs should have a element log with the following fields:

  • address: the address of the contract that emitted it.
  • topics[0] = web3.utils.sha3("BetCompleted(uint256,address,uint256)") = 0x8a204c2634e61fa974cd81173313c7f47ce714e2bfe11f395233a751f52b0445. This identifies the event.
  • topics[1]: betId as a uint256.
  • topics[2]: winner as an address padded with 0.
  • data: amount as a uint256.
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    Late response but sweet, this helped me figure out to decode the event :) Jul 13, 2023 at 7:00

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