import SafeAppsSDK from '@safe-global/safe-apps-sdk';

type Opts = {
  allowedDomains?: RegExp[];
  debug?: boolean;

const opts: Opts = {
  allowedDomains: [/gnosis-safe.io$/, /app.safe.global$/],
  debug: false,

const appsSdk = new SafeAppsSDK(opts);
(async () => {
  const address = '0x5CB386304c1BE4dD5316FACDEE46869f7C1E2955';

  const msg = `hi there (from hashmail)!\n\nTo ensure your ownership of this address, we need you to sign this message.\n\nThis request WILL NOT trigger a blockchain transaction or cost you any gas fees.\n\nWallet Address: ${address}`;
  const sig =
  const messageIsSigned = await appsSdk.safe.isMessageSigned(msg, sig);

error : enter image description here

I am using it in backend(nodejs) but getting error.

how can i validate signature at backend?

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The Safe apps sdk is meant for in-browser 3rd party apps connectivity. It has no use on the backend.

  • then for backend what i need to do? to verify the signature?
    – Nidorino k
    Commented Jul 13, 2023 at 14:03

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