My geth verison is :

  ./geth version
Version: 1.5.8-unstable

and run geth with the command below:

 ./geth --identity "helloworld"   --ws  --wsaddr --wsport 8545  --rpc  --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545 --rpccorsdomain "*"   --datadir "$basepath/chain" --port "30303"  --rpcapi "db,eth,net,ssh,miner,web3,personal,admin" --networkid 88888 console

and typed command below in another console:

curl -X POST --data '{"id": 1, "method": "eth_subscribe", "params": ["newHeads"]}'
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32000,"message":"notifications not supported"}}

when I typed command changed the port to 8546:

curl -X POST --data '{"id": 1, "method": "eth_subscribe", "params": ["newHeads"]}'
bad method

I found from https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/RPC-PUB-SUB : From version 1.4 geth has experimental support for pub/sub using subscriptions as defined in the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification. This allows clients to wait for events instead of polling for them.

So my geth version is higer than 1.4, So what's the problem?? Thank you.

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I found that in the ethereum document that: subscriptions require a full duplex connection. Geth offers such connections in the form of websockets (enable with --ws) and ipc (enabled by default).

so it must obey the websockets rule,so

curl -X POST --data '{"id": 1, "method": "eth_subscribe", "params": ["newHeads"]}',

it is a http rule, and 8545 isn't websocket ports ,it must be 8546. And it we notice the 2 points above , we will communicate with it successfully.

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