I want to create a Mumbai faucet to deliver Matic to people. To be able to do that I guess I need to set up a mining node so I can get Matic for validating transactions and them give this coins to people.

Although I didn’t find any content on how to setup a Mumbai node. How do I do this?

Also, I'm thinking this right?

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for creating a faucet there are 2 ways first is you can create a contract and funds with matic tokens. and in the contract you can create a claimMatic function to claim the matic tokens. you can also implement the waiting period of 24 hours for a user who already claimed.

and second way you have to setup your own node.


I discovered you can't set up a node to polygon mumbai since it ins't a public blockchain. But you can ask for faucet on this form:


  • Where did you find this link? Belongs to whom?
    – MehmedB
    Feb 8 at 8:19

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