For example, when we are using SLURM, there is a mailing mechanism that when a submitted job is completed it sends a mail to e-mail address(defined by the job submitter) that telling the submitted job is completed.

Is there any similar mechanism for Ethereum (public and/or private chain), or any tool that is developed for that which will send email to msg.sender's email address when their submitted transaction is deployed, passed, completed etc.


The functionality you are after sits at the application/client layer. Take a look at EtherPing as an example of such an application.

EtherPing is a web application that sends you notifications when an Ethereum account of your choosing receives a transaction. This could be one of your contracts, your own Ethereum wallet or another account just for the hell of it.

Over time it is likely that such functionality will be supported natively in mainstream wallets. Meanwhile, you may need to shop around for a standalone app such as the one above.

  • EtherPing project is not active anymore @zanzu
    – alper
    Jul 17 '19 at 23:00

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