Currently have a custom micro-service that sends & creates transactions depending on the use case which utilizes eth_sendRawTransaction meaning I'll need a web wallet to prompt the users to sign a transaction & return the signed transaction object from metamask.

Using Web3js.

Issue is many posts & comments are very dated & metamask doesn't support eth_sign anymore looking through the Metamask JSON-RPC API I wasn't able to find something that jumped at me telling me I could use that to sign a transaction other than maybe personal_sign or eth_signTypedData_v4.

What is the current state of signing transactions with Web Wallets which can then be submitted to in house Node or server? Is it not longer possible to sign a transaction with metamask.

On Cardano this process is rather simple, especially when you don't have any Datum.

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In current scenario you can just create a wallet instance using web3 or ethers depends upon you . After creating wallet you can create wallet using signMessage function. Hope this helps

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