I'm using nodejs and deploying the createSafe function as so:

async function createSafe(ethAdapter) {
    try {
        const safeFactory = await SafeFactory.create({ ethAdapter });
        const ownerAddress = await ethAdapter.getSignerAddress();
        const safeAccountConfig = {
            owners: [ownerAddress, "0xBD95F8B5242f440354e4E1ac8D2DCf30070cF97F"],
            threshold: 2,
        const safe = await safeFactory.deploySafe({ safeAccountConfig, options: { gasLimit: 3000000 } });
        return safe;
    } catch (error) {

I'm setting up my wallet and provider using ethers and alchemy like this

async function getProvider(network) {
    if (networks[network] === undefined) {
        throw new Error("Invalid network");
    return new providers.AlchemyProvider(network, process.env.ALCHEMY_KEY);

async function getEthersAdapter(wallet) {
    try {
        const ethersAdapter = new EthersAdapter({ ethers, signerOrProvider: wallet });
        return ethersAdapter;
    } catch (error) {
async function loadWallet(privateKey, provider) {
    wallet = new ethers.Wallet(privateKey, provider);
    return wallet;

And my test is like so

describe("Gnosis Safe", () => {
    describe("#createSafe", async () => {
        const network = "arbitrum-goerli";
        const provider = await getProvider(network);
        const pKey = process.env.PRIVATE_KEY;
        const wallet = await loadWallet(pKey, provider);
        const ethAdapter = await getEthersAdapter(wallet);
        const safe = await createSafe(ethAdapter);

See transaction hash for the Create2 call failed error here: https://goerli-optimism.etherscan.io/tx/0xd6646dc55302f1be61140667e7f5c8bc0077faa6423954084699f2bd588d25a6

Any idea why I'm getting a Create2 call error? Any thoughts on how to debug this? I'm new to using nodejs, ethers, and gnosis safe contracts. Thanks.

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Please see this StackExchange question regarding why a create2 call might revert: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74160798/why-would-create2-revert

In your case, the reason is number 2) since all the deployment parameters are static, and I can see a previously successful deployment transaction on the account you linked.


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