Using Goerly Testnet for development requires 0.001eth already existing in the wallet.

I tried alchemy's and quicknode's sites but same requirement.

Which faucet should i use for my first O.OO1 eth because i don't have any :)



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I don't think there are many faucets for Goerli, as people are shifting to sepolia, but you can try out the pow faucet https://goerli-faucet.pk910.de/

Apart from this, you can ask for some goerli eth in the community groups, maybe someone can help.


Plenty of Goerli & Sepolia on the Chainstack faucet. It drips too to keep your address with Goerli ETH and Sepolia ETH, so you don't run out or have to re-request.


Thank you for your answer. So i switch to Sepolia actually.

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