From the ERC20Upgradeable docs: "We have followed general OpenZeppelin Contracts guidelines: functions revert instead returning false on failure. This behavior is nonetheless conventional and does not conflict with the expectations of ERC20 applications. "

From the SafeERC20Upgradeable contract: "Wrappers around ERC20 operations that throw on failure (when the token contract returns false). Tokens that return no value (and instead revert or throw on failure) are also supported, non-reverting calls are assumed to be successful."

My Question: Seems that if I use the ERC20Upgradeable token I don't need the SafeERC20Upgradeable wrapper in my contracts anymore, or am I misunderstanding something?

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I believe they are completely different things.

ERC20Upgradeable is a basis contract that you can build on top to make your own ERC20 token.

SafeERC20Upgradeable is a library you can use to interact with others ERC20 contracts. This is actually the same as SafeERC20.

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