Our app is using React + Wagmi + prepare hooks.

One MetaMask user had an issue where their transaction completed successfully, but DoThisThing was never called. Code is simplified, but wondering if anyone has experienced Wagmi + MetaMask broadcasting a successful transaction while not returning the hash and/or isSuccess. Is this possible?

const { data, isSuccess, sendTransaction } = useSendTransaction(config);


useEffect(() => {
  if (isSuccess && data?.hash) {
    DoThisThing({ hash: data.hash });
}, [data?.hash, isSuccess]);

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Wagmi useSendTransaction() version 1.4.3 you can use callback function onSuccess() like this:

const { data, isSuccess, sendTransaction } = useSendTransaction({
    onSuccess(data) {
       DoThisThing({ hash: data.hash });

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