I can't seem to deploy my "deploy-mocks.js" file using yarn hardhat deploy --tags mocks. Here's my code if you want to take a look. I have searched everywhere but can't find the answer. Any kind of help will be appreciated.

const { network } = require("hardhat");
const { developmentChains, DECIMALS, INITAL_ANSWER } = require("../helper-hardhat-config");

module.exports = async ({ getNamedAccounts, deployments }) => {
    const { deploy, log } = deployments;
    const deployer = await getNamedAccounts();
    const chainId = network.config.chainId;

    if (developmentChains.includes(chainId)) {
        log("Local Chain detected. Deploying Mocks...");
        const mockAggregator = await deploy("MockV3Aggregator", {
            contract: "MockV3Aggregator",
            from: deployer,
            log: true,
            args: [DECIMALS, INITAL_ANSWER],
        log("Mocks Deployed!");

        // You can perform additional deployment tasks here if needed

module.exports.tags = ["all", "mocks"];

Here's the output from my code.


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    try the same thing with npx once and see if that's working. May 28 at 12:08
  • is this line evaluating to true? if (developmentChains.includes(chainId)) {.....
    – ZeusLawyer
    May 30 at 3:15

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It worked in developmentChains.includes(chainId) I was using chainId as a reference. However in my config.js file I defined the network properties as their names. so I changed the developmentChains.includes(chainId) to developmentChains.includes(network.name)

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