All the Chainlink Functions demo's I have seen show that the function executeRequest can only be called by the contract owner. I understand why they did that because of the cost when calling the Chainlink function that the funded and deployed contract pays. However if I remove the onlyOwner modifier and subtract a fee (that will cover the costs, which I can ensure with pricefeeds that it will be enough) for anybody calling the endpoint is there still an attack vector left? I will require check if the fee is substantial enough otherwise the contract won't call req.initializeRequest but curious if there are any other things I need to consider?

PS: I understand that the contract responsible for the the Chainlink function call needs to have enough LINK, but that is more an UX issue when the call can't be done

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Someone can send arbitrary requests using your subscription, draining your subscription balance.

If users want to remove onlyOwner in favor of some other method to prevent this, that is fine.

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