Somehow my transaction was sent with extremely low gas fees from ETH mainnet to zkSync bridge. Is stays forever on pending

I saw this and tried to cancel it/speed it up but it did not work.

I tried to send a transaction with the same nonce and much higher gas limit and gas fees. Pending tx fee is 0.07$ so i tried to send a transaction with the same nonce with fee 8$. I did this from my metamask .... But everytime I get this error:

Failed transaction. Transaction 1 failed [ethjs-query]while formating outputs from rpc '{value: {code:-32000,"message","transaction

What can i do to cancel this transaction?

  • Metamask handles this pretty well Did you try via Metamask? May 20, 2023 at 9:37

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When I run into this problem, I send a transaction with nonce=0. The next transaction works perfectly,

Hope it helps in your case!

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