I have the following deploy method:

function deploy(address admin, uint256 _salt, Type _type) public {
    bytes32 salt = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(bytes32(_salt), admin));
    address myContract;
    if (_type == Type.A) {
        myContract = address(new A{salt: salt}());
    } else if (_type == Type.B) {
        myContract = address(new B{salt: salt}());

How do I call the contract with Foundry's cast?

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In Solidity, enums are represented by uint8.

Off the top of my head, I would use the following

cast send <contract_address> "deploy(address,uint256,uint8)" 0x3eC11316a0a436ed1BD5943481B3722D2fA4C2a4 2 1 --rpc-url=<rpc_url> --private-key=<private_key>

whereby, 0x3eC11316a0a436ed1BD5943481B3722D2fA4C2a4 is an example for your address, 2 is an example for your uint256 and 1 is an example for your enum parameter. Given your enum holds at least two fields, e.g. Type.A and Type.B, whereby, Type.A is passed via 0 and Type.B via 1.

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