i'm trying to make a wallet in react native using ethers.js, but when i'm trying to call the function createRandom, to generate a secure random seed the application gets crashed.

this is the code, i'm using this in a react Context but also when i just the function Wallet.createRandom(), it also gets stoped.

const initWallet = async () => {

    console.log( wallet.currAccount )

    if ( !wallet.currAccount ) {

        try {

            const account = ethers.Wallet.createRandom()

            const encryptAccount = await account.encrypt( password )

            const assets: Assets = {
                1: [TokenItems[0]]

                type: 'create_account', 
                payload: { name: 'Account 1', wallet: encryptAccount, assets }

            console.log( wallet.currAccount )
        } catch (error) {

            console.log( error )



Does anyone know why this happen?


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