Is there a specific reason why pretty much everyone uses uint8 for the decimals in ERC20 tokens?

I would get it if it was to limit the size, because the decimals will never be big enough to exceed the uint8 range and therefore uint256 would be a bit overkill...

However, uint256 does actually cost less gas, because it doesn't need to be downscaled like uint8 does.

So I would like to know, is there a specific reason why uint8 would be preferred? Could it mess up some calculations within ERC20 tokens if uint256 is used?

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Well, nothing will mess up if you use uint8 for token decimal. The reason why most of the ERC20 smart contracts use uint8 for the decimal is that because the EIP-20 propose to use uint8 for decimals.

Please check this use. https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-20#decimals



No , it doesnt mess up the calculations if you use uint256 . In some cases the token details are used as parameter in struct . So if you want to optimize your struct, you can easily do it without changing the other variables . I think this can be one of the reason other reason will be the coding habit, every token decimal is used as a uint8 so everyone is following it.

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