What additional advantages would a multi signature address give?

Can it create multiple nodes for blockchain broadcasting?

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Multisignature in the bitcoin sense would typically mean you need n-of-m private keys to sign a transaction to make it valid. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Multisignature

In the Ethereum sense, Multisignature can mean anything. From the Ethereum Wallet (Mist): "This is a joint wallet controlled by 3 owners. You can send up to 100 ether per day. Any transaction over that daily limit requires the confirmation of 2 owners." (After this, you enter the Owner Addresses. Bold values are editable in the gui.)

That is just the default multisig contract in Ethereum Wallet (Mist), but you can make a contract that has any arbitrary logic if you have the programming knowledge.


AFAIK there is no native multisig address mechanism in Ethereum. Multisig in Ethereum terms is a simple smart contract that checks all necessary signatures and if conditions defined by a contract are met the contract release funds. Please follow this example to understand how that works.

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