I have 2 wallets.

I want to send coins from one to the other (1), and from the 2nd one to an external wallet (2).

const wallet = get_wallet();
const balance = await provider.getBalance(wallet.address);
const gasPrice = await provider.getGasPrice();
const balanceMinusGas = balance.sub(gasPrice.mul(ETH_GAS_LIMIT));
let amountToSend = balanceMinusGas;

let tx = wallet.sendTransaction({
  to: MY_2ND_WALLET,
  gasLimit: ETH_GAS_LIMIT,
  gasPrice: gasPrice,
  value: amountToSend,

//sent only? but hasn't arrived, gotten mined, settled yet?

Once I've made a tx (1), how will one find out whether a TX has been 100% settled, or confirmed, mined, and the coins received such that they've become available for being sent out (2) further?

const receipt = await tx.wait();

// is it now 100% that the TX has been mined, confirmed, 
// **and** the ETH received
// may now be used by the 2nd wallet?

// TODO ...send the ETH out from MY_2ND_WALLET


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