I have been looking at samples from eth-infinitism and trying to implement ERC-4337 using Safe Contract v1.4. https://github.com/eth-infinitism/account-abstraction/tree/v0.6.0/contracts/samples/gnosis

I implemented the following and faced an error where the bundler rejected the request due to the inclusion of GAS in opcode. https://github.com/tujvyong/smart-account

It seems that this issue is related, and I think that FallbackManager may be affected.

I know Candide Wallet, Biconomy and ZeroDev have not implemented it this way. However, I would like to implement eth-infinitism as a first step, as its implementation is so far simple and easy to extend.

The most puzzling thing is that I can't figure out whether it is a well-known fact that the samples in eth-infinitism don't work well compared to each project's implementation, or whether my implementation is wrong.

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Safe has already has a EIP4337 compatible prototype implementations:

Note: These contracts are prototypes, not audited and not intended for the production use

  • Thank you for sharing! I will refer to it.
    – yuDo
    May 12, 2023 at 5:44

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