I am trying to make a program that, given a ERC721 contract address, will listen to all transfer events done on this contract until a certain point. I am not yet very familiar with how Ethereum works, but here is what I've done so far:


        event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 indexed tokenId)

Event building:

    let events = Contract::event_of_type::<TransferFilter>(client)

Stream building:

    let mut stream = events
    .map_err(|_| "[ERROR] Invalid event stream")?

And the the listener:

let event_timeout = Duration::from_secs(5);
let loop_timeout = Duration::from_secs(10);
let start = Instant::now();

while Instant::now().duration_since(start) <= loop_timeout {
    let next_event = timeout(event_timeout, stream.next());
    match next_event.await {
        Ok(Some(Ok((evt, meta)))) => {
            let from = evt.from;
            let to = evt.to;
            let zero_address = H160::from_low_u64_be(0);
                println!("----------------New Event----------------");
                println!("From: {:?}", from);
                println!("To: {:?}", to);
                println!("blocknumber: {:?}", meta.block_number);
                println!("tx hash: {:?}", meta.transaction_hash);
            // ... rest of the code 
        Ok(Some(Err(err))) => {
            eprintln!("Error in event stream: {:?}", err);
        Ok(None) | Err(_) => {
            println!("No events found");

This issue is that when testing, I get to the listener, and then nothing but a timeout, it's not fetching any event. My guess is that I didn't correctly used the abigen! macro ? I also tried to use with this JSON, but same result: [ { "anonymous": false, "inputs": [ { "indexed": true, "name": "from", "type": "address" }, { "indexed": true, "name": "to", "type": "address" }, { "indexed": true, "name": "tokenId", "type": "uint256" } ], "name": "Transfer", "type": "event" } ]


  • I'm using ehters.rs v2.0.3
  • I'm kinda trying to replicate a mix between this and this
  • I would be really happy to get the solution, but even more to learn how it works 🙏


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