To my understanding address(addr).code and memory[...] are in different places and since code memory is read-only, a usual call doesn't seem to be able to achieve this, but is there any other way to e.g. execute code passed as function parameter?

function execute(bytes calldata _code) {

I mean theoretically one could implement an EVM bytecode interpreter, but that would be quite an expensive contract...

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Amplifying @Ismael's answer,you could achieve the effect by deploying contracts with the code to run, and running in a proxy that accepts a contract address and uses delegate call to execute the arbitrary function. There would be a deployment cost for each arbitrary code instance and, of course, the main contract would plainly do literally anything, casting more than a little doubt on any assurances about what it actually does.

Check out "diamond pattern" for inspiration.

Hope it helps.

  • Great, thanks! That sounds better than an on-chain interpreter :D Note to self: Diamond Pattern
    – Zommuter
    May 7, 2023 at 16:57

No, it is not possible.

You could deploy the bytecode as a new contract and then execute it.

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