I am looking to run a Teku node, but instead of connecting it to my own execution client, I'm looking to connect to a node as a service.

  1. Is this possible
  2. How do I create a ee-jwt-secret-file from Alchemy or other node-as-a-service?

The command to run a Teku node is as follows:

teku \
    --ee-endpoint=<ALCHEMY_API_ENDPOINT> \
    --ee-jwt-secret-file=jwtsecret.hex  \
    --metrics-enabled=true              \

I am unsure how to create the jwtsecret.hex file.

I am not planning on having this be a validator with $, just want to make read calls to the beacon node.

The current alchemy docs are outdated at the moment.

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you can fund instructions here: https://docs.teku.consensys.io/24.1.0/get-started/connect/mainnet

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