I have a common problem while converting a 18 decimal WMatic to a 6 decimal USDC price on polygon mainnet. I have the following scenario:

I took a flash loan of 70 WMatic from Aave. I deposited that 70 WMatic + 30 WMatic (from my wallet) to a lending platform like Compound III. After successfully depositing to Compound III, I want to borrow some USDC based on my collateral (Compound III doesn't allow borrowing & deposit of the same token), which I will swap to WMatic to payback the flash loan (with some fees).

So my question here is how can I calculate the exact amount of USDC I should borrow to successfully payback the flash loan in solidity?

I have tried it several times but end up calculating wrong amount in solidity.

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It all depends on the DEX you will use to swap. If you go for UniV2 (or a fork), you can use this method:

uint256 amountOut = 70 ether;  // the amount of WMATIC you need
(uint256 reserveIn, uint256 reserveOut) = UniswapV2Library.getReserves(FACTORY_ADDRESS, USDC_ADDRESS, WMATIC_ADDRESS);
uint256 amountIn = UniswapV2Library.getAmountIn(amountOut, reserveIn, reserveOut);

(You need to import UniswapV2Library in your contract.)

In any case, I don't think Chainlink is useful here. Also you don't have to care about the decimals of the token. To borrow amountIn USDC from Compound you can use something like:


and to make the swap you can use the swapTokensForExactTokens of the router.

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