I'm using a combination of Thirdweb and Alchemy SDK to fetch all nfts in a connected wallet. Every example I've come across for Alchemy's getNftsForOwner function has the wallet address placed in the function like so:

const NFTs = await alchemy.nft.getNftsForOwner("0x0000");

I'm trying to figure out how to use the connected wallet in the function. I use Thirdweb's connect wallet and useAddress hook to get the address but I don't have to go that route if there is a better way to make it work.

My current setup is:

const router = useRouter();
const { walletAddress } = router.query;
const [NFTs, setNFTs] = useState<OwnedNftsResponse>()
const address = useAddress();

 useEffect( () => {
    async function grabber() {
        const NFTs = await alchemy.nft.getNftsForOwner(???);
  }, [NFTs]);

Every attempt I've tried to use the connected wallet address resulted in Error: 400: owner is a required request parameter

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You need the wallet address to pass to the getNftsForOwner() function like so

const NFTs = getNftsForOwner(0xblahblahblahblah123blah)

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